The Paideia philosophy is built upon Hellenic ideals and celebrates the fundamental notion that to be fully educated is a lifelong adventure that only begins with an individual's formal schooling. It is based on the assumption that all human beings are by definition activist learners, capable of a fully active life defined by a love for knowldedge and intellectual growth.

The Ancient Greek Civilization was one of the first to appreciate the importance of education.  You may not be surprised to learn that the Ancient Greeks invented public education.  They were a deeply religious civilization that believed we humans owe our very existence, our 'psyche,' to GOD.  But they also believed that the content of a person's consciousness and the development of their character is the work of each parent and of society.

The St. Katherine Paideia Bilingual Preschool & Nursery aims to support the families of our community by providing the best daycare and preschool education of our children possible. PAIDEIA as many of you know comes from 'Paidos' for 'child' and is the Greek word for 'education'.  PAIDEIA is the enculturation of the individual to teach them to excel in all aspects of their life, especially morally and as a good citizen.

As Americans that believe our Hellenic culture, our Greek language and our Greek Orthodox Religion is a part of our being we think that our 'exceptional' self-identity does not have to dissolve into the Melting Pot of America.  We can teach our children to be both proud Americans and proud of our Hellenic Heritage and our Greek Orthodox Religion.

As parents we know that the Paideia Preschool is a great place for our children to grow up but we also believe that the Daycare and Preschool program also nurtures and strengthens our Greek Orthodox Community in America.  With over 65% of the marriages in our Church being of couples with mixed religious background the Preschool program provides a service to families whose children would have gone to Daycare and Preschools of other faiths.  Educating our youth within our own Church, as Greek Orthodox Hellenes is not only a wonderful experience for our children but can only help our Church Community grow and prosper into the future.



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