Why I wanted to start this program?

15 May 2020 7:29 PM | Tony Alexis (Administrator)

In 2005 my son Aris was born and I began to think about his educational future and the fact that with both my wife and myself working we needed to find a nursery program to care for him during the week.  

What began as my desire to provide the best early childhood experience for my son by immersing him in the Hellenic Orthodox culture and language quickly became an Odyssey of human passions and behavior of unimaginable extremes.   The creation of the Paideia Bilingual nursery and preschool program and its successful outcome often appeared to depended as much on divine intervention and miracles than human intelligence or planning.  But slowly a group of parents came together and worked to finally start the program in 2008 - and was especially aided by the Greek Government's provision of a Teacher from Greece.  Ms Maria Manousaki, arrived in August of 2008, under the J-1 Visa program, to teach the 5 children we had managed to have enrolled to start in September.

Little did I know that my Odyssey would bring me to the writings of Fr/Dr Demetrios Constantelos, and a deepening appreciation of the deep connections between Hellenic Paideia, Greek philosophy and the Greek Orthodox religion. I had begun my working life in the Restaurant business of my family, and after owning several restaurants I had sold them and had gone back to school in my 30's during the 1990's. I had completed my studies with a BA in Religious Studies and a BS in Psychology at UCSB and then enrolled in the Masters of Psychology program at the the University of West Carlton, near Atlanta Georgia to study human consciousness.  I never wrote my Thesis as I decided that Habermas was right and communicative action is the ultimate meaning of life.


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